What folks have had to say about
HANDLE, Sindy and Life Changing Experiences:


“Sindy demonstrates an amazing capacity to incorporate her HANDLE training with her background in education and counseling. With innate warmth, she works with each client to ascertain his or her blocks to optimal learning and to guide them to enhanced functionality, artfully and respectfully. I am confident that you will enjoy and benefit from working with her.” ~ Judith Bluestone, Creator of the HANDLE Approach 


Thank you for helping us become more balanced with our minds and bodies. It helped a lot!  

~ From Chris and Amy -mother and daughter (diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum) 

Doing HANDLE with Sindy is without a doubt improving the quality of our son’s life. He has a ways to go before all his systems are integrated but we are seeing improvement in him every day. We are on the right road! WE have a little extra bonus in this too. I have a chronic illness and since I have been doing the activities with him every day, I have experience some improvements inmy symptoms. What a nice bonus for us! 

Most importantly to us that we are having fun with our son every night while his system is improving. You can’t ask for much more than that!! 

~ Sandy and Michael, parents of 10 year with severe behavioral issues. 


Since HANDLE, life is not as frustrating, not as frightening, not as scary as it was. I feel like I just woke up to the truer world.

13 year old client
“I never stopped loving my son J, but enduring his impulsive angry behavior over the years made it hard to like him sometimes. Through HANDLE, I’ve found myself truly liking him again, discovering the joy that I always knew lie beneath the turmoil.” ~ Jaime – mother of 9 yr old with ADHD 


My daughter is thriving and I give much of the credit to the HANDLE work you did with her. Cheers, E 

~ mother of 10 year old client with learning challenges


An Unsolicited Posting on the Berkeley Parents online Newsletter:
I wanted to share the very positive and heartwarming improvements which my daughter and myself have experienced with the HANDLE program practitioner in Walnut Creek, Sindy Wilkinson, 925-934-3500, sindy@learningandgrowth.com. We have both experienced substantial remedies for our memory, attention, visual processing, proprioceptive, vestibular, learning and “short-fuse” problems with the easy, effective developmental program. I highly recommend you explore it as one of your options BEFORE selecting only the medical or psychological route. It does not offer accommodations only, but rather actual better improved functioning, eliminating the need for most accommodations.
~Smiles, Louise (client and mother of a 13 year old client)



Another post on Berkeley Parent’s Network  

We just started a program of daily Handle Institute exercises for learning
issues. I had so many different types of recommendations for both assessment
and what to do to help, I cannot tell you. Since we are only in the first
month of a 7 month program, I can’t really tell you the results, other than it
seems like I already see a calmer and more focused child after this short a
time. The assessment and the explanation made total sense to me – it is
focused on finding ”inefficiencies” in neuro-sensory pathways. The
exercises are designed to strengthen these systems to make them more efficient
so that the child will have them functioning more automatically, and can use
their energy and brainpower to do the more complicated things more easily
(i.e. reading and writing) without being so distracted by the need to pay
attention to the underlying basic sensory and neural systems. According to
the website for the Handle Institute they have been able to help people of all
ages with different neurological problems, including ADHD and Tourette’s
syndrome, as well as learning issues such as dyslexia.

~ Susan, Mother of an 11 year old client


Thank you so much for assessing my son today. I was impressed with your manner and I appreciated the way you spoke directly to him right away, even validating his discomfort at being there. You did the assessment smoothly and seamlessly, and brought sensitivity and fun to it, which made it much easier for Jasper. 

I was very moved by the whole experience, and am filled with gratitude and hope. So often people assume my son is just being difficult or melodramatic when he reacts to loud noises or awful smells. I realized I was deeply touched to see another adult understanding him and not judging him, and offering help and hope through the exercises. 

What a gift to my son to be able to see another adult understanding him to the degree that you did today! 

We look forward to working with you. 

Thank you again, Sindy, 

~ Sarah, parent of 8 year old with learning challenges 


We have worked with Sindy for two of our children. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is patient, caring and has a wealth of insights that helped bring out our kids’ best learning abilities. Our kids have seen great academic progress (reading struggles to straight A’s in a challenging high school program) and personal growth (gains in confidence, friendship skills, independent work habits and self-awareness.) The HANDLE activities were fun, Sindy was always clear, specific and attentive to modifying as needed, and she provided incredible parenting support as we navigated learning/behavioral challenges.

~ Amy B, mother of 5 year old and 10 year old clients