Counseling & Parent Coaching


If you are stuck, in pain, frustrated, “at the end of your rope,” reaching out for help is wise and courageous. With a down to earth holistic, yet direct approach I assist you  in finding balance, empowerment, and the ability to listen to your own knowing of what is best for you. My style is to be compassionate and to use care and gentle humor to explore, with you, what is or is not working for you in your life. Often it is an unconscious belief system and/or behavior pattern at the root of these difficulties. As you choose to change or to accept things as they are, I work with you to find ways to release limiting beliefs and patterns, create more supportive ones, and generate greater freedom and joy in you life.

Sometimes a session is about comfort and knowing that there is someone there who cares and who will hold through the difficult moments. Other times a session involves explorations into old patterns and shifting these to create new beginnings.

My work is client centered with an eclectic intuitive approach. Talk therapy, movement, role-play, narrative, imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and solution-focused work are all part of my repertoire. Basically I see myself as a facilitator, introducing clients to some new alternatives, shining the light on hidden places and supporting them as they make their choices. Although I am compassionate in my approach, I do tend to be direct and expect to work with my clients, not do the work for them. I am a good match for those who want to explore their current situation, discover what might be in the way of experiencing more joy, productivity, and peace in their lives, and are willing to do the work essential to make the desired shifts  (in attitude, belief or behavior). This can be short or long in duration, and generally has its ups and downs. Overall, my goal is to assist my clients in empowering themselves so they can find their own answers, for wisdom lives within each of us, we just need to know how to listen to it.

Parent Coaching:

Family dynamics can be difficult at times in the best of circumstances. With children with learning differences and behavioral difficulties, the dynamic can be more intense and complicated. The whole family is affected. How do you navigate issues of discipline, siblings, time with each child, setting boundaries, parental relationships, educational frustrations, etc.? Each situation is different.

Parent Coaching is an opportunity to look at the practical solutions, behavior changes and perspectives that apply directly to your family. We look at your family constellation and situation and without judgment, find practical, doable solutions to make your family life easier, more harmonious and support everyone’s happiness.

Parent Coaching is empowering for you as parents and for your family. With support and follow up, you have tools to use in your family to address your specific experience. Fine tuning to make them work within your lifestyle is personal and solution oriented. You learn how to better serve your family and yourself so feelings of overwhelm and exasperation turn into a sense of guiding and strength in leading your family life.

Parent Coaching is less about the past and more about the present solutions and tools to make a difference in your family life. Out of control to organized and empowered. Stressed out to peaceful…. knowing you have the tools to work for your family and the support to keep you on track.

Sessions are offered in packages to support sustained growth and change. The best way to figure out what will work best is to sign up for a Free Consultation so we can design a program perfect for you.